Identity Registration

Please complete these steps to create a Bupa identity which you can use to access a variety of Bupa apps, such as Workvivo. If you have any problems creating your identity, click on 'Need Help?' at the bottom of each page.

Employee Number

Enter your employee number, which can be found on your payslip. Click on 'Need Help? at the bottom of the page if unsure what to enter.

Last Name

Enter your last name as written on your payslip


Enter your personal email address and select ‘Get Code’. A code (which is valid for 5 minutes) will be sent to this email address and you will need to enter this next to continue.

The personal email address you provide will be used by The British United Provident Association Limited for the purpose of creating a global employee identity which will allow you to log in to a variety of global communication, engagement, financial and/or e-learning Bupa applications and systems. Your email address will also be used to communicate with you and send notifications from the platforms you access using your global employee identity. If you are not comfortable with either of these processing activities please do not sign up to the service or set up a separate email address for this purpose. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification and deletion among other additional rights which are all detailed in the Privacy Notice. If you are employed by Bupa within the UK, read a copy of the privacy notice (available only in English). If you are employed by Bupa (Sanitas) within Spain, or Bupa Chile, read how your data is processed (available only in Spanish).

Please be assured that cookies are not used for analytics, and will not be used to track location. Country/site data is stored, aggregated and anonymised before use.

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